Style: Worship/rock; compare to Hillsong, JesusCulture

Top Tracks: "Anthem Song," "Earnestly I Seek Thee," "I Am Your Cup"

Aaron Gillespie's solo debut may surprise fans of Underoath and The Almost; Anthem Song is far from the metalcore Gillespie produced for eleven years. The title track describes the purpose of the album—eleven anthems to a God who is indeed "the one and only King." Despite the ironic danger of the genre, Anthem Song is devoid of any preoccupation with "self," consistently pointing to God's goodness and glory. Musically, power chords drive much of the album, but refreshingly softer tracks like Gillespie's cover of "Earnestly I Seek Thee" and "I Am Your Cup" reflect his clear versatility as an artist.

Anthem Song
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
March 8, 2011
BEC Recordings
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