Style: Old hymns, new settings; Sandra McCracken, Andrew Peterson

Top tracks: "Nothing but the Blood," "Give Praise to the Lord"

On this married musical couple's Facebook page, "new old hymns" is their self-described genre, an apt description of this album. With nine classic hymns and two originals, the Kamins, with the help of producer Andrew Osenga, have pieced together a nice mosaic for all the right reasons. "The presence of hymns in the church at this time is surprisingly scarce," Jaron notes on their website. "Hymns offer us something that new songs can't because of their connection to our spiritual ancestors." The CD's two top tracks (listed above) are the only two in which Katherine sings lead—a shame, because hers is the more pleasant of the two voices. But a well done album overall.

Here Among Us
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
March 8, 2011
Jaron & Katherine Kamin
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