Style: Thoughtful live worship; compare to Robin Mark, Gateway Worship, Casting Crowns

Top tracks: "Everything," "Will You Love Me in the Winter," "Here Is Love"

Taking the title track of his latest live worship recording to heart, Brian Doerksen leveled the stage and set-up shop on the floor, placing players and song leaders smack dab in the middle of a crowd of multi-generational worshipers. Collating electric guitar-doused anthems, acoustic hymn-like choruses, and ethereal mood ballads, including the artistic incorporation of Beethoven's haunting "Moonlight Sonata" in "Will You Love Me in the Winter," the Vineyard vet uses various musical scenarios subtly and cohesively. Though the intimate gathering doesn't fully translate to audio alone, the companion DVD helps clarify the night's sensitive musical, lyrical, visual, and extraordinary testimonial components.

Level Ground
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
February 22, 2011
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