Style: Instrumental acoustic; compare to Phil Keaggy, Anthony Phillips, John Renbourn

Top tracks: "The Penultimate Waltz," "Melody for John," "The Master Musician"

Hordinski isn't a household name, but it is among fans of early Over the Rhine who know his atmospheric, often show-stealing electric guitar, as well as fellow musicians (e.g., Phil Keaggy, David Wilcox, John Mayer) who've consistently sought his production and session/stage player talents over the last decade-plus. With his latest solo venture, Arthur's Garden, Hordinski plows new ground—mostly instrumental, acoustic-based soil—and harvests an organic, earthy bounty. Six- and 12-string guitars—along with dobro, banjo, vibraphone, and some viola and eBow—lend a medieval beauty to haunting tracks such as "Eventide" and "My Pretty Bagatelle." Open spaces in classical closer "Exeunt" feel almost improvised. A timeless and tender effort.

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