Style: Alt-country/pop/rock; compare to Bon Jovi, Newsong, Diamond Rio

Top tracks: "Live My Life," "No More Looking Over My Shoulder," "If I Were Jesus"

Despite a 2008 legal hiccup that threatened to put them out of business, The Imperials return to recording under the definitive nomenclature, "The Classic Imperials." But don't let the adage fool you. The nearly fifty-year old, Grammy-winning musical institution is hardly past its prime. Comprised of three group veterans and a new lead/tenor, the band's trademark vocals are pitched perfect, unleashing powerhouse licks over a current genre list of southern rock ("Heaven"), alt-country ("If I Were Jesus"), and pop/rock radio fare ("Live My Life") a la Bon Jovi. But affective story ballads like "Been Through the Water" reminds fans of the living legends' true consummate impact.

Still Standing
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
October 1, 2010
Hall of Fame Music Group
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