Style: Lively pop/rock; compare to Kelly Clarkson, BarlowGirl, Amy Grant

Top tracks: "Faith Begins," "See Through Me," "You Are"

Dorothy Savage grew up in poverty and tragedy (her mom developed cancer when Dorothy was 13, and died when she was 19; more recently, she lost a sister to cancer), so when she sings of overcoming hardship in life's "glorious messes," she really gets it. At times belting out power pop developed with a background in musical theatre background, and at others singing sweet, sensitive ballads, Savage's first CD is a commendable debut—partly because she's surrounded herself with plenty of talent here, including producer Marty Magehee and co-writers Dan Muckala, Jill Phillips, Chris Sligh, and Cindy Morgan.

Glorious Mess
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
April 1, 2010
Crimson Pink Music
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