Style: Grungy worship rock; compare to The Glorious Unseen, Third Day, Marc James

Top tracks: "Reckoning Day," "Skeleton Bones," "Philadelphia"

John Mark McMillan's major label debut, originally an indie release, is a stark departure from the worship anthems of, say, Paul Baloche. Songs explore deep themes such as dead bones coming to life in Christ and the final resurrection. McMillan includes his own song "How He Loves," made famous by David Crowder Band and The Glorious Unseen. The song came about when a youth pastor friend of McMillan's told teens he would give his life if it would rouse them to a spiritual awakening; the friend died in a car accident that night. Curiously, McMillan's musical style is more like Pearl Jam than Crowder Band. Pounding drums, soaring guitar solos, and a classic-rock vocal delivery make this an eclectic, but appealing, listen.

The Medicine
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
July 6, 2010
Integrity Music
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