Style: Heartfelt acoustic folk with an ironic twist; compare to Rich Mullins, Bruce Cockburn

Top tracks: "Sins of the Father," "Why You Brought Me Here"

If you were unfamiliar with Andy Gullahorn's work, you'd be forgiven for hearing his third album as a parody of overly earnest Christian singer-songwriters. Maybe that's just what Gullahorn wants for this project. Too many tracks, played primarily with acoustic guitar and vocals, cover over basic truths with winking lyrics that mock rich, vain women and turn the idea of getting your suit urinated on into a praiseworthy experience. It lessens the impact of the more sincere songs, like the gorgeous "Sins of the Father," and wastes Gullahorn's obvious talents.

The Law Of Gravity
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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
December 1, 2009
St. Jerome Music
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