Style: Soul/blues-inflected worship; compare to John Mayer, Keith Green

Top tracks: "Blessed Assurance," "Still Saving Me," "Your Love Is Everything"

Even before releasing his first album, McClarney had cemented his reputation as a great worship musician when the Jesus Culture movement adopted "Your Love Never Fails" as their theme song. Thankfully, for his debut CD, the Tennessee-based artist opted not to simply rewrite his most well-known song. Instead, he adds a welcome bluesy edge to his originals, and turns the traditional hymn "Blessed Assurance" into a gorgeous, Hammond organ-drenched slow burner. If this is only the beginning of McClarney's recorded work, he's likely got a long career ahead of him.

Introducing Chris McClarney
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Release Date
January 26, 2010
Km: Kingsway Music
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