Style: Acoustic folk; compare to Nick Drake, The Frames, and Sufjan Stevens

Top tracks: "This is Just so Beautiful", "Dreaming of Peace", "Through Your Eyes"

Ditching jazz inflections and upbeat pop, Jenny & Tyler seem right at home with a folk sound that has the echoes of the last Swell Season disc and could raise Nick Drake from the dead. The album's opener is a rich-sounding soft tune that imbibes the mature sound they intimated on their first record A Prelude. On tracks like "This Is Just So Beautiful," Tyler Somers flexes his ability to write reflective songs, and shows that his voice isn't tamed by just one genre. His wife, Jenny Somers, follows suit well with songs like "Through Your Eyes." Faint Not also plays host to some A-List Christian music veterans: Mac Powell makes a cameo on "Carry Me," while Don Chaffer picks up an electric guitar on a number of tracks.

Faint Not
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
November 30, 2010
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