Style: Hard rock mixed with the pop sensibility of groups like Kutless andBuilding 429

Top tracks: "Fire on the Inside," "Whatever It Takes," "Lose It All"

In a nutshell: Some tracks on Pillar's sixth studio album, Confessions, rock so hard that you can't help but picture a high-speed car chase, or the climax to an action flick. "Whatever It Takes" and "Lose It All" are standouts with their hooky choruses and driving momentum. But other tunes feel uninspired and become filler between the better songs. Pop rock ballads "Better off Now" and "Will You Be There" don't sound completely thought out and are a little more cookie-cutter than what we are used to from these veterans, who could have taken a few more risks on this album.

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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
September 22, 2009
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