Style: Danceable pop

Top tracks: "Stuck in the Grey," "Ladies and Gentlemen"

In a nutshell: The teen girl trio is now a duo—Marissa stepped back from the group to focus on her freshman year of high school—but Alexis, 16, and Cammie, 18, haven't missed a beat. Following Disney airplay and a UK hit off their self-titled debut, the girls unveil a sophomore set of high-octane dance/pop melodies suitable for any fan of Miley Cyrus or The Cheetah Girls. The five songs (each with a sing-along track) are again Disney-friendly but with distinct spiritual messages, focusing on being yourself and finding your inherent value in Christ. "Memo" tells girls they are "simply unforgettable in His eyes." "Give You My Heart" is a message from God straight to insecure teens: "Do you know that I love you/I adore you, as you are?" With tight harmonies and crisp beats, Sound Off is a teenager's—and a parent's—dream.

Sound Off
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
October 27, 2009
BEMA Media
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