Style: the chick rock sound of groups like Paramore, Hey Monday, and Fireflight.

Top tracks: "Beautiful Bride," "Chasm," "Treasure"

In the last couple of years we've heard whispers of the name Flyleaf in teen hangouts and the underground music scene. It may seem like this chick-fronted hardcore rock group comes on the heels of the success of fellow female rockers Paramore. But Flyleaf is no newbie or copycat; they're simply beginning to gain serious momentumsince forming in 2000. Lead Singer Lacey Mosley and bandmates began touring in 2003, and their self-titled debut released in 2005. With their sophomore album, Memento Mori,Flyleaf showcases their sense for songwriting and the musicianship to match it.

Memento Mori (a Latin phrase meaning "remember you will die") is no pop rock album. Full of chugging guitars, gang vocals, and screams, this hardcore rock isn't watered down. Opening track "Again" sets the tone with these lyrics: "I love the way that your heart breaks with every injustice and deadly fate/Praying it all be new, and living like it all depends on you." The distorted, choppy riff of headbanger "Beautiful Bride" brings a solid beat and catchy vocal line.

Flyleaf's sound is fresh, young, and experimental, but with years of experience, their sound is also tight, smart, andskillfully executed. With a strong band and well-written songs, Mosley's captivating voice is icing on the cake. Flipping between strong, gutsy vocal lines, sweet whispery high notes, and even screaming on a few tunes, this is a singer who isn't to be underestimated. She communicates with passion, giving the songs life and meaning.

The band doesn't waste a single lyric on this album by giving it over to cliché or meaningless chat. Their bold words seem to flow naturally and poetically, and combined with the strong musicianship, Memento Mori is easily one of my favorite albums of the year.

Memento Mori
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5 Stars - Masterpiece
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Release Date
November 10, 2009
A&M / Octone
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