July (Web-only) 2008

Review: Sam Phillips' Latest
Love Flowing Under the Night
Sam Phillip's latest is haunted by heartbreak — and hope.
The Rocker
Parents and Prodigals
As my daughter leaves for college, packing up her belongings, she is still a stranger to me.
Modern Worship Is Going Nowhere
After ten years, modern worship music has become an established genre that's likely be a part of Christian music for generations to come, though it's in serious need of creative spark.
Modern Worship Turns 10
A list of the ten most influential modern worship albums from the last decade, offering new songs that changed the way we worshipped the Lord through music.
Coordinating the Head, Heart, and Hands
New president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary seeks to hold together what others pull apart.
Chariots of Fire and the Smoking Church
Where is the oldest copy of the Bible? Who is Leah Daughtry? And other questions from this week's headlines.
American Teen
Brideshead Revisited
Step Brothers
Will Ferrell returns to dangerous—and R-rated—waters in a comedy about family that’s hardly a family comedy.
The X-Files: I Want to Believe
Habakkuk in Zimbabwe
We're hungry, angry, and depending on a sovereign God.
What's in a Label?: Centricity Music
Home to some of the Christian music industry's brightest and best, Centricity Music is a small label on the rise thanks to good old-fashioned techniques like artist development and fan interaction.
G.I. Joe and Tony Snow
Questions on Todd Bentley's miracle-working exclamation, Anglican idolatry according to Gene Robinson, and more.
The Dark Knight
Mamma Mia!
Space Chimps
A Good Look in the Mirror
A new documentary, Lord Save Us From Your Followers, helps Christians to see what we really look like to those on the outside looking in.
Stay Positive
Alternative/roots rock
The Magic Bible Verse
Also: Restrictions at the Christian Woodstock, why some Jamaicans don't welcome a creole translation of the Bible, and more.
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Meet Dave
Fiction for the Faith-Starved
The Shack tells a compelling, if imperfect, story.
Philanthropist Sir John Templeton Dies at 95
Presbyterian investor promoted the scientific study of faith.
Evangelical Leaders to Support McCain
Ninety, not including Dobson, met in Denver last week. They will ask McCain to consider Huckabee as VP candidate.
Hellboy, Evil, and the Cross
The Hellboy sequel opening soon is just the latest in a long line of films about battling supernatural baddies—with the Cross often wielded as a weapon of goodness.
Diminished Capacity
Tory Believers: Which Higher Loyalty?
During the Revolutionary War, many preached Loyalism as the Christian response.
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
Do You Have Something to Say?
No Looking Back
The Silver Cord
These Cold and Rusted Lungs
Kingdom of Noise

Top Story June 14, 2024

PCA Will Investigate ‘Jesus Calling’ Book
PCA Will Investigate ‘Jesus Calling’ Book
The author of the bestseller died last year. The investigation will determine if the book is appropriate for Christians.

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