December (Web-only) 2008

At Prison Church, Inmates Find Faith Behind the Razor Wire
In one Michigan institution, it's a real congregation — not just a ministry.
Recovering Church History: Exile from Babylon
The Iraqi Christian community, now nearly gone, was the church's center for a millennium.
Darkness, the Silver Screen, and the Human Soul
The personal transformation of the complex and profoundly imperfect man in Schindler's List might very easily be our own story.
My Top Ten Theology Stories of 2008
Counting down the events, debates, and books that shaped evangelical theology over the last year.
Revolutionary Road
The re-teaming of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCarprio is as far from Titanic as you can get. Their acting is fine here, but the film may be too cynical for its own good.
Waltz With Bashir
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Last Chance Harvey
Marley & Me
The Spirit
Bedtime Stories
Franklin Graham: What's the Fuss About?
The evangelist who once prayed at an inauguration offers his take of Obama-Warren inauguration controversy.
Diagnosing Jos
Political problems don't always have political solutions.
A Christmas Cartoon
A Life-Affirming Character
Playing a compassionate caretaker in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Taraji P. Henson says her character is the embodiment of God's unconditional love.
News Quiz: Inaugural Ire
Why are people so mad at Obama? The United Nations decides about defamation, and scientists follow the star.
Q&A: What Obama's Election Means for the Segregated Church
Michael O. Emerson on why black and white evangelicals can't believe the other voted as they did.
Searching for the Star of Bethlehem
A new theory makes the news. But are 21st-century astronomers looking in the wrong place?
The Wrestler
The Tale of Despereaux
Seven Pounds
Yes Man
Architect of Religious Right Dies
Paul Weyrich, who co-founded the Moral Majority with Jerry Falwell in 1979, died this morning.
'A Classic Fairy Tale'
Writer/producer Gary Ross says The Tale of Despereaux, devoid of any cutesy pop culture references, is a throwback to the vintage classics.
It Came Upon a Big Screen Clear
Holiday movies don't often depict the real Christmas story, but when they do, it's a light shining in the darkness.
When Baby Jesus Went Missing
How did officers find him? And what words were axed from a dictionary?
Colson's Redemption
Prison Fellowship founder says he doesn't want a pardon, but the Presidential Citizen Medal means a lot.
Adam Resurrected
Gran Torino
Nothing Like the Holidays
The Alien Messiah
Klaatu, the alien at the center of The Day the Earth Stood Still, is still very much a Christ figure in this remake, says director Scott Derrickson.
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Reader
Interview: NAE President Leith Anderson on Richard Cizik's Resignation
'If he did not appropriately represent NAE, then he has lost credibility as a spokesperson.'
Richard Cizik Resigns from the National Association of Evangelicals
Longtime lobbyist and media spokesman recently said 'I'm shifting' on gay unions.
Wendy and Lucy
No Doubt About It
John Patrick Shanley, writer/director of Doubt, is certain of one thing: We should embrace our doubts, and not be so certain about anything.
Escaping the Bullets
A speaking tour in India led to a few close calls.
What's Ahead for the Fractured Episcopal Church?
The new Anglican branch will face several significant hurdles.
Giving Is from God
The ministry of giving evokes gratitude to God because its source is rooted in his grace.
News Quiz: Christmas Specials
Black Friday promotions at Planned Parenthood and the Creation Museum.
Local Color
Violence Smothers Jos in Smoke
Peace eludes us.
A Latter-day Alliance
Evangelicals, once uncomfortable with Romney, unite with Mormons on gay marriage ban.
Sixpence None the Richer
The Dawn of Grace
Nash, Slocum reunite for a marvelous Christmas album.
'Perhaps Just Out of Our Minds'
Christian filmmaker Buzz McLaughlin tries to find a niche between secular movies and preachy ones—only to find it's an elusive market.
Recessions Are Good?
Many see moral uplift as a result of the slumping economy.
Ignorance as Blessing
Foreknowledge: for God and not for us.
Prepare the Way of the Lord
An Advent calendar.
New CDs for Christmas
Yule Tidings
Five New CDs for Christmas
Christmas Music Wrap-Up 2008
2008 Readers' Choice Christian Music Awards
A record turnout of voters awarded the usual suspects as far as favorite Male Artist and Band, as well as Album, but there's a new favorite Female Artist after five years—plus the reader's choice for Best New Artist.
Welcome to the Welcome Wagon
Paradise Sky

Top Story June 25, 2024

You Can Love Rap, Jesus, and the Color Pink
You Can Love Rap, Jesus, and the Color Pink
The first female artist on Lecrae’s label, Wande talks to CT about being a woman in Christian hip-hop and how the genre can be an entry point for learning gospel truths.

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