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February 2007 2007
Volume 51, Number 2
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Cover Story

Christian Radio's New Wave
Goodbye Old-Fashioned Revival Hour. Hello 'safe for the whole family.' Meet the company that's transforming Christian radio.
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Inside CT: Impressively Invisible
Madison Trammel disappears in his writing.
Turkey: Riding the Pope's Coattails
Protestants hope to share in the benefits of Turkey trip.
A Church's Mega-Headache
Church fights town restrictions on services.
Asbury Seminary Flap
Seminary in crisis after board ousts president.
Peaceful Elections in Congo
Churches in the Democratic Republic of the Congo rejoice over first free elections in 46 years.
Remembering Hoke and Garcia; Hunter resigns; Deng honored.
Uzbekistan: Government Crackdown Worries Evangelicals
Uzbek government crackdown on Muslims worries evangelicals.
Quotation Marks
Comments on Chavez's Jesus, Bible widgets, and more.
My Ministry Space
Youth pastors track popular networking website.
Go Figure: Who Voted Democrat
Recent statistics on who voted Democrat and churches offering election materials.
Retiree Missionary Boom
Early boomer retirees are giving back in big numbers.
<i>Who Cares?</i> Religious Conservatives
Study: Religious people give more than secular, even to nonreligious charities.
News Briefs: Local Church, Anabaptists, AIDS work, and Bankrupt Tithing
Local Church's petition denied, apology to Anabaptists, reward for AIDS work, and bankrupt tithing.
Bottom-Up Discipline
What do you do when your pastor--or your entire denomination--strays?
Angry Atheists
Fear mongering among elite atheists is not a pretty sight.
What Iraq's Christians Need
Two strategies to build up the church in the war-weary nation.
Striking Out the Liberals
Conservative Christians are the hope of America, says Salem host Frank Pastore.
Money Talks
How Salem Communications makes its money.
Five Emerging Streams
Key elements of the most controversial and misunderstood movement in the church today.
The United Nations' Disarray
The decline of the human-rights agenda, and what evangelicals can do about it.
Lewis Mystery Solved
A C.S. Lewis mystery is solved.
The Problem with Mere Christianity
We jettison 'nonessential' theology at our own peril.
Andrew Walls: Historian Ahead of His Time
Why this Christian scholar may be the most important person you don't know.
Community of the Broken
A young organization models what it might mean to be the church in a suffering world.
The City That Loves Refugees
Christians in Utica, New York are resettling the world one displaced soul at a time.
Black Evangelical Despair
Why blacks are leaving evangelical ministries.
Dialogue with Islam?
What 38 Muslim scholars said to the pope in a little-known open letter.
Death-Defying Pastors
Protestant leaders practice grassroots justice--and keep a low profile.
Nepal's New Peacemakers
Christians become voice for freedom after national crisis.
Reflections: Winter
Quotations on the coldest time of the year to stir heart and mind.
Good Question: God's Torture Chamber?
"Is hell nothing more than eternal torture of the unsaved? Why would God engage in punishment that seems so cruel?" -- Tony De Luca, New York, New York
An Anniversary of Awareness
Ten years ago, a Jewish leader shamed Christians into caring.
The Early Church on Jesus
Ben Witherington offers a potpourri of thoughts about early Christian belief.
Defining Business Success
A CEO on why core values are not enough.
Bookmark: <i>The Suburban Christian</i>
The Suburban Christian is a sympathetic analysis.
Bookmark: <i>Reimagining Evangelism</i>
Reimagining Evangelism for a millennial generation.
Bookmarks: <i>Saints Behaving Badly</i>
Saints Behaving Badly tells about what went on before saints' conversions.
Modernity's Art Form
A lush guide to film through Christian eyes.
Bookmark: <i>The Lost Virtue of Happiness</i>
The Lost Virtue of Happiness says happiness comes from pursuing goodness, not pleasure.
Film: Modernity's Art Form
'Through a Screen Darkly' is a lush guide to film through Christian eyes.
Bookmark: Praying the Psalms
James Sire teaches us to Pray Through the Psalms.
Bookmark: <i>Women's Evangelical Commentary</i>
Women's Evangelical Commentary offers a complementarian perspective.
Colson: The Wilberforce Strategy
Britain's great abolitionist worked to change society's values, not just its laws.