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January 2005 2005
Volume 49, Number 1
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Cover Story

The Fraudbuster
The faithful are being defrauded of billions. But this Ponzi-busting ex-con knows how to stop it.
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Bilking the Brethren
It may be one of the biggest untold stories on the religion beat.
Post-Election Education
Pro-lifers weigh options after Californians fund embryonic stem-cell research.
Deaths, promotions, and other items from the religion world.
Evangelist in Brigham Young's Court
Ravi Zacharias preaches to Mormons about the uniqueness of Christ.
Quotation Marks
Recent quotes about pro-life rights, religious sensitivity, the death penalty, and witch hunts.
Giving Hope a Chance
Danforth calls on Sudan's government, rebels to 'prove skeptics wrong.'
Religions of Peace?
Christians, Muslims appeal for calm after attacks.
The Church Awakens
Christians make AIDS fight a high priority.
'Extreme' Orthodoxy
Luis Palau dropped from Welsh revival celebration for his 'evangelical beliefs.'
Go Figure
Recent stats on church politicking, 'moral values,' and church/state spending.
<em>Christianity Today</em> News Briefs
Iraqi churches under fire, appealing Oregon's assisted-suicide law, and Rwanda's theological school.
Q+A: Harry R. Jackson Jr.
Senior pastor of Hope Christian Church in College Park, Maryland, and coauthor (with George Barna) of a new book, High-Impact African American Churches, on trends in black churches.
Twentysomethings for the Lord
Ministries try to channel the next generation's idealism.
Same Song, Second Term
It is a unique political moment for Christian conservatives—or is it?
Spiritual Shortcuts
The cheating epidemic reveals a deeper issue.
Three Faces of Greed
Another vice that looks like a virtue.
See No Evil
Christian TV may be a cultural ghetto, but living there has its advantages.
The Church—Why Bother?
There is no healthy relationship with Jesus without a relationship to the church.
The Largest Company in Your City
Branch offices of the church have potential without parallel.
Children Huddled in Crevices
Mongolia's fledgling church seeks to meet a desperate need.
Full Court Pressure
The battle for marriage shifts from voters to lawyers and lobbyists.
Dobson on the Gay Marriage Battle
The Nov. 2 election was the first step in a long fight for traditional marriage.
That Other Church
Let's face it: Secularism is a religion. Let's treat it as such.
The Church
Quotations to stir heart and mind
All Sins Are Not Equal
Question: Are all sins weighed equally, or is one more important than another? —Linda Linton, Celina, Ohio
Terrorizing Ally
Saudi Arabia tortures Christians even as it makes human-rights gestures.
Politics for Adults
A Supreme Court justice showed us how to "do business" with opponents.
Facing the Elder-Care Crisis
Escalating health-care costs bid the church to get creative.
Mystery and Paradox
Unsentimental, careful essays explore God in nature.
Faith-Filled Fantasy
The author of Shadowmancer tells another spiritual tale between angels and demons.
Searching for Significance
John Piper urges living for the glory of Christ.
Back From the Brothel
Thanks to brave ministries, prostitutes are still entering the kingdom.