June (Web-only) 2002

young seminarian's documentary on suffering Brian McLaren's vision for postmodern evangelism, A
A young seminarian's documentary on suffering Brian McLaren's vision for postmodern evangelism
A young director's documentary is thin on theology but rich with compassion
Stop, Drop, and Cover
Then hack your lungs out and die
Salem Buys Crosswalk.com for $4.1 Million
"Philippine military botches rescue attempt, but calls it a success"
"Weblog: Anti-Persecution Book Said to Denigrate Holocaust, Muslims, and Immigrants"
"The U.S. military takes a more active role against Abu Sayyaf, and other stories from online sources around the world."
Sharing the Gospel with the Popular Girls
Newsweek finds a category of confident teen girls bolstered by strong faith. But are they the only ones helped by youth ministry?
Messianic Jews Lose Menorah Symbol at Federal Court of Canada
"One of the world's most famous Christian athletes dies in a plane crash, and other stories from online sources around the world."
Nuclear Blast Equals Box Office Boom
"What Christian and mainstream critics are saying about The Sum of All Fears, Undercover Brother, The Climb, Thirteen Conversations about One Thing, Insomnia, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron."
Is Abortion 'A Phony War'?
Prolife activists contest claim that Roe v. Wade can't be undone. Plus other stories from online sources around the world
"Weblog: Martin Burnham Killed, Gracia Freed In Rescue Attempt"
"Philippine military botches rescue attempt, but calls it a success"
Getting the TNIV Debate Straight
Our policy against negative ads doesn't mean we're cutting off discussion
When Pacifists Attack
"350 years ago, George Fox launched a powerful, peace-loving movement with an assault on established Christianity."
Martin Burnham Went Out Serving With Gladness
"Families, church eager for reunion with Gracia today"
"Weblog: As Gracia Goes Home, Fight Against Abu Sayyaf Expands"
"How the press covers Catholic sex scandals, and other stories from online sources around the world."
"Books & Culture Corner: Agrarians of the World, Unite!"
"Wendell Berry's vision, and how Christians should respond to it"
’God Was Good to Us Every Single Day of Our Captivity’
Gracia Burnham speaks after being reunited with her family in Kansas
Richard Lewis
"The comedian, actor, and author talks about his humor, addiction, and spiritual journey."
"Weblog: African Church Leaders Admit, 'We Have Been Reluctant to Speak Openly about HIV/AIDS'"
"Missouri monk shooting, Gracia Burnham tips authorities on Abu Sayyaf, and other stories from online sources around the world."
Hostage Homecoming
"This must be one of the happiest moments of my whole life, says widowed missionary Gracia Burnham"
United Methodist Church Dismisses Case of Practicing Gay Pastor
Conference investigation committee finds no reasonable cause for trial
Two-Thirds of U.S. Bishops Allowed Accused Priests to Continue Working
No motive in Monday's monk shooting and other stories from online sources around the world
So-So Ya-Ya
"Critics weigh the pros and cons of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, while very few like Bad Company. Also: Cherish, Atanajuart—The Fast Runner, a video game version of Black Hawk Down, a discussion of admirable action heroes, and a sneak peek at Th"
Canadian Anglicans Vote on Blessing Gay Unions
"Divorce and annulment cited as likely motives for monk killer, Frontline's Church of the Nativity documentary, and other stories from online sources around the world"
Southern Baptists Boot Gay Protesters
Messengers at St. Louis convention pick Prestonwood's Jack Graham as new leader
Two Hostages Die In Attempted Missionary Rescue In Mindanao
Wounded survivor Gracia Burnham returns to Kansas after 376 days in jungle captivity
Bishops Confess Sins Over Sexual Abuse Scandal
"The latest on the faith-based initiative, Martin Burnham's funeral, and more articles from online sources around the world"
Coming to America
"Commentators who call proposed INS policies an unprecedented invasion of privacy forget what foreign visitors were asked 80 years ago, and why"
Vancouver Anglicans Approve Same-Sex Unions
Conservatives walk out after synod vote to bless gay couples
Inside Martin Burnham's Funeral
U.S. Christians unite with Muslim governments against abortion and homosexuality.
Martin Burnham: Willing to Go
"Family and friends remember the talented pilot, mechanic, and missionary to missionaries"
A Cry for Help
Sudanese Christians gather in Houston and ask for U.S. support
David Myers
"People say they know money can't buy happiness, says the Hope College psychology professor. But they don't truly believe it"
"Weblog: Door-to-Door Missionaries Don't Need Permission, Says Supreme Court"
Town residents say they'll still tell the mayor whenever they spot outsiders
Ediborah Yap: The Almost-Forgotten Hero
The Filipino nurse could have escaped from Abu Sayyaf but stayed to care for the Burhams
Filipino Churches Lent 'Constant Prayer' to the Hostage Crisis
Christians in the Philippines are saddened by the deaths of Burnham and Yap but are now more active in evangelizing to Muslims
FRC Blames White House for Cloning Patent Ban Failure
"More on Anglicans blessing same-sex unions, and other stories from online sources around the world."
Everybody Runs
"What Christian critics are saying about Minority Report, The Bourne Identity, Windtalkers, and Scooby-Doo. Plus: Narnia vs. His Dark Materials"
"Weblog: Meet Rowan Williams, the Next Archbishop of Canterbury"
"More on The View's bleeping Jesus, the end of the New Age, and other stories from online sources around the world."
Christian Conservatives Split on Federal Marriage Amendment
"Law would protect marriage from courts, but legislatures could still extend marital benefits to same-sex unions"
"Weblog: We Support Suicide Bombing, Says Greek Orthodox 'Spokesman'"
"Christian conservatives turn on John Ashcroft, and other stories from online sources around the world"
Severe Success
Bernard of Clairvaux was a tough act to follow-yet thousands of Christians walked his path
'They Were Missionaries to Missionaries'
"An interview with Doug Burnham, brother of Martin Burnham"
Have You Heard About the Left Behind Book Series? Time Apparently Hadn't.
Charles Colson speaks on radical Islam in America's prisons
Oliver Sacks
"The physician author of Awakenings talks about his Orthodox Jewish upbringing, order in the universe, and testing God"
"Weblog: Four Youths, Bus Driver Killed on Way to Church Camp"
"Italian church attack foiled, and other stories from online sources around the world"
Influential Teacher and Leader Kenneth Kantzer Dies
The former Trinity Seminary dean and Christianity Today editor was a genuine example of a Christian life.
Kenneth Kantzer Reflects on His History with the Magazine and the Evangelical Movement
"At his retirement from Christianity Today, the editor recalled the most significant changes on the Christian scene during his tenure."
Federal Appeals Court Says 'Under God' in Pledge of Allegiance Is Unconstitutional
"Schools can't ask children to swear loyalty to monotheism, says Ninth Circuit panel"
Supreme Court Okays School Vouchers
"9th Circuit Court of Appeals also takes on war memorial cross, and more stories from online sources from around the world."
Spielberg & Stitch
"Religious press critics review Minority Report, Lilo and Stitch, Juwanna Mann, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, and the still-running Bourne Identity and Scooby-Doo. Also: Readers respond to the future films based on His Dark Materials."
Is God an American Institution?
"The Ninth Circuit Court's decision is about more than the mention of God in a patriotic ritual, it goes to the heart of the debate about our nation's spiritual heritage"
'Their Faith and Courage Has Strengthened Me'
Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry speak about Martin and Gracia Burnham
"Weblog: Vouchers, Pledge Decisions Spark National Conversation on Church and State"
"A collection of links to commentary and news articles from newspapers, magazines, and other websites."
Between Extremes
"Church leaders didn't like Pelagius's ideas about free will, but they've never been able to avoid them completely"

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Frozen Embryos Are the New Orphan Crisis
Frozen Embryos Are the New Orphan Crisis
More than a million unused IVF embryos are in cryostorage. Are they the next pro-life frontier?

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