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October 22 2001, 2001
Volume 45, Number 13
October 22
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Law: Whistleblower Fired
Nurse Jill Stanek's lawyer calls action retaliation for prolife views.
Free Speech: School District Reverses Course
Saddleback Valley board votes to allow all extracurricular clubs to meet at schools
Australia: Leaders Press for Refugee Asylum
Christians demand Australian government show compassion
Nicaragua: Sandinista Candidate Divides Evangelicals
Some Christians fear return of Daniel Ortega to the presidency of Nicaragua
Pakistan: Condemned Prisoner Appeals for Help
Sentenced to death in 1998, Ayub Masih continues to fight baseless and concocted blasphemy charge
Think Globally Love Globally
Our era of isolationism is over. It's time to join the world
We Really Do Need Another Bible Translation
As good as many modern versions are, they often do not allow us to hear what the Holy Spirit actually said
A Translation Fit For A King
In the beginning, the King James Version was an attempt to thwart liberty. In the end, it promoted liberty
The Reluctant Romans
At Douai in Flanders, Catholic scholars translated the Bible into English as an alternative to the Bible of the heretics.
The Word of God
Quotations to stir heart and mind
Word Power
A little knowledge of New Testament Greek can be a dangerous, or edifying, thing
Raising the Bar
A daring proposal for the future of evangelical New Testament scholarship.
Dying in Peace
In Birmingham, an innovative program combines hospice care, traditional medicine, and faith to comfort the terminally ill.
Televangelist Report Card
A recent study reveals how religious broadcasters actually use their airtime
Haunted by Totalitarianism
Communism no longer menaces Bulgarian churches—in theory
In The World: How Excellent Are Thy Names
What God invites us to call him says volumes about his relationship to us.
Religious Liberty: How Are We Doing?
The challenges of being an international cop for human rights—a report by the first U.S. ambassador at large for religious freedom
A Troubadour and His Guitar
Once poised for folk-rock stardom, John Michael Talbot chose a quieter path
Reuniting Mary and Martha
Theology is women's work, too
Huston, We Have a Problem
Neither science nor syncretism feeds the soul
Rudeness Has a First Name
Instant informality actually sabotages true friendship
Honest Church Marketing
We enhance our 'image' by offering the world a realistic picture of faith