Church to hire prostitutes

"We [will] give them what they charge for an hour or a half hour, $45 or whatever it is, if they will stand with three or four of us sharing our faith," says Michael Pfleger, pastor of the Roman Catholic St. Sabina's Church. The outreach, which the Chicago Sun-Times says has energized and excited parishioners, will take place at an undisclosed time this week.

'Dignified anger' over sexuality at meeting of Anglican leaders

"There has been a dignified listening to the points of view of primates who come from provinces who say it is totally wrong to consider the blessing of same-sex marriages and the ordination of lesbians and homosexuals," said Irish Archbishop Robin Eames, spokesman for the meeting of the Primates of the Anglican Communion in Oporto, Portugal. "We have listened as they have expressed dignified anger."

Primates meeting condemns Singapore consecrations

"We noted with deep concern the recent consecrations in Singapore intended to provide extended episcopal oversight for Anglicans in the USA who, for various reasons, believe that their pastoral needs and theological commitments are not provided for by the Episcopal Church, and who consequently feel alienated from its life," said an official statement from the primates meeting. "Despite the strength and sincerity of these feelings, such action taken without appropriate consultation poses serious questions for the life of the Communion. The Archbishop of Canterbury's letter of 17th February 2000 to the bishops of the Communion expresses a view that is endorsed by this meeting. … It is our firm hope that in future no steps, damaging to our mutual trust, will be taken."

Missionary effort produces 'messianic Muslims'

They "read the Koran, visit the mosque and say their daily prayers but accept Christ as their Savior are the products of the strategy," says Charisma News Service. Youth With A Mission, which is one of the organizations involved in the effort, says it is also trying to create "messianic Hindus" in India.

Saudi Arabia denies human-rights abuses

An Amnesty International report issued Monday accuses the Saudi Arabian government of widespread human-rights violations, including religious persecution. The Saudi government, which The New York Times says "rarely respond[s] to outside critics," denied the allegations.

Poland's president prevents porn prohibition

A bill passed by the Polish parliament banning import and distribution of both soft- and hard-core pornography has been vetoed by Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski. The ban was strongly supported by the country's Roman Catholic bishops and other religious leaders.

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