June (Web-only) 2000

Jerusalem's Messianic Synagogue Attacked
Plus: Texas Baptists won't bolt from SBC, Christian Pokémon cards, and other stories from media around the world.
Camp Fire
The earliest recorded Methodist camp meeting in America took place 200 years ago this week.
Big Day at the Supreme Court
Four decisions touch on gay scout leaders, partial-birth abortion, public aid to religious schools, and abortion protests.
US will Remain 'Seriously Religious' Predicts New York Times Reporter
No separation of church and culture, says Gustav Niebuhr
The Candy-Coated Destruction of Western Civilization
What Christian film critics are saying about Me, Myself, & Irene, Chicken Run, and other summer movies.
Mad Scientist Holds World Hostage
Thoughts on the rough draft of the genome map
Charles Colson Tells Charles Stanley to Resign as Pastor
Plus: India's PM calls for inquiries into attacks on Christians, World's ill-timed ad gaffe, and other stories from around the Internet.
Church Guarantees 'Express Service' for Busy Believers
Family Bible Church tries to adapt to believers in the fast lane.
Single White Christian Youth Group Seeks Wife
Plus: Prolifers sue the Supreme Court while prochoicers worry about fetal rights laws, and other news stories from media sources around the Internet.
For Better or Worse
The diaries of a frontier missionary couple reveal starkly differing perspectives.
Indian Police Officers Arrested in Killing of Missionary Murder Witness
Plus: George Barna stands his ground under fire, filtering software that doesn't work, and other stories from the mainstream press.
Lutheran-Anglican Agreement Ineffective Because It's Unknown Says New Bishop
British, European priests are often unaware of 1996 pact for full communion.
Titan A.E. Crashes Without Impact
What Christian critics are saying about Shaft, Boys and Girls, and other films.
House Cuts Off FCC's Legs to 'Defend Religion'
Plus: 160 dead in Indonesia, Christian colleges relax conduct codes, and other stories about Christians and Christianity from sources around the Web.
Supreme Court Strikes Down Public Student-Led Prayer
Plus: James Boice dies, reactions to the pardoning of the pope's would-be assassin, and other stories from other media sources.
Influence of Roman Catholic Church in Acquittal of Rwandan Bishop Debated
Augustin Misago cleared of 1994 genocide charges
Is CBS's Survivor Pro-Abortion Pro-Euthanasia and Pro-Evolution?
Plus: Southern Baptists' resolution solution, Call to Renewal readies for conventions, and other news stories from around the Internet
History Wars Update
'Feisty' historians attempt to reconstruct their discipline.
Like Father Like Son
The Mather men followed the faith-and career paths-of their fathers.
Africans Warn 'False Gospel of Prosperity' May Displace Churches
Mainstream churches reportedly no longer at forefront of aid and comfort.
Baptists OK New Statement Which Opposes Female Pastors
Plus: Italy pardons Pope's shooter, evangelicals aren't stupid, and other stories from around the world.
Church Leaders Take a Desert Trek to Bridge Australia's Divisions
Questions over apology strain reconciliation efforts between aboriginal and white populations.
English Christians Celebrate Orthodoxy and the Millennium
Two Church of England bishops appear at traditionalist rallies
Christian Films are Suddenly Everywhere
Plus: Minister says no to veep candidacy, a priest is murdered in Rwanda, and other stories from the world's mainstream media sources.
Fluff and Fluffier
What Christian film critics are saying about Hollywood's latest summer movies.
Southern Baptist Convention Criticized—Surprised?
Plus: Campus Crusade evangelist murdered, thousands rally for Pentecost, and other stories from the world's mainstream media.
Popular Culture: The Ballad of John and Jesus
Popular Culture: The Ballad of John and Jesus
Two books tell the story behind John Lennon's short-lived conversion.
Semite Sensibility
What makes a movie Jewish? A series of film festivals takes a look.
Readers Apparently Enraptured with Latest Left Behind Now #1
Also: Churches bombed in India, the Ramseys hire a psychic, and other stories from the mainstream press.
Egyptian Court Convicts Christian Village of Murder
Shaiboub Arsal Given Maximum 15-Year Sentence
'We Start From Zero'
East Timor's Protestant Church Seeks to Rebuild
When It Comes to Influencing the Media Money Talks
Plus: Inside the Southern Baptist Convention, and the New York Times on teaching evolution as theory.
1 200 Southern Baptists to Overrun Chicago
Plus: Hindus and Christians clash in Trinidad, Time covers a high-school revival, and other stories from the world's mainstream media.
The Phantom Critic
There's more than one way for Christians to review films, says J. Robert Parks.
Women Churchgoers 'Face Growing Difficulty in Finding Partner'
British magazine says church is out of single men, especially older ones.
India's Christians Reportedly Convert En Masse to Hinduism
Plus: Protest-free Gay Days at Disney, Ten Commandments judge has commanding lead in election, and other stories from the world's mainstream media sources.
As Attacks Continue Indian Churches Warn of Growing Danger
Christians dispute claims that attacks are random or results of internal feuds.
Beneath the Orange and Green
A survey shows Northern Ireland's hope lies in its churchgoers.
How Integrated is Your Church?
Plus: The power of small groups, the Bible goes back to school, and other stories from newspapers around the world.
Sri Lanka's Churches Pray for Peace as War Rages Around Jaffna
Country's Protestants to unify in prayer June 16.
The Big Kahuna
'The Big Kahuna' reveals the tricky temptations of the Christian in the world.
Agent of Grace
PBS's Bonhoeffer film shows us a theologian in action.

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Moral Failures by Christian Leaders Are a Huge Problem. Can New Standards Help?
Moral Failures by Christian Leaders Are a Huge Problem. Can New Standards Help?
ECFA is adding leadership integrity to its accountability criteria.

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