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January 10 2000, 2000
Volume 44, Number 1
January 10
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Cover Stories

The Forgiveness Factor
Social scientists like Robert Enright are discovering the healing power of a Christian virtue.
How God Won When Politics Failed
Learning from the abolitionists during a time of political discouragement.
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Presbyterians Support Same-Sex Unions
Northeast Synod rules 8-2 in favor of continuing church's holy union ceremonies
Methodists: Creech stripped of clergy credentials
United Methodist minister guilty of breaking church law at gay ceremony
Top Ten Religion Stories of the Decade
Son's Death Shakes Up Sect
Children's Literature: Parents Push for Wizard-free Reading
Bestsellers now under fire in some classroom
Baptist Foundation of America Lands in Bankruptcy Court
Troubled agency, accused of lawbreaking, offers restructuring plan.
Higher Education: Crumbling Family Values
Hillsdale College confronts a sexual scandal, suicide, and leader's resignation.
Sudan: CSI Loses U.N. Status
Slave-freeing organization's rebel spokesman violated U.N. rules
Nigeria: Islamic Law Raises Tensions
Costa Rica: Coffee Sales Perk Up Ministry Support
Pura Vida has donated $10,000 to missions and aid organizations
Northern Ireland: Peace at Last?
Protestants and Catholics agree on a new government.
Smorgasbord Spirituality
Evangelicals make a thin showing as the world's religions gather to make common cause.
India: Loving the Lepers
A murdered missionary's widow carries on her husband's work.
It Takes a Village to Fight Divorce
Church and state join forces to promote marriage preparation programs.
Why We Like Harry Potter
The series is a 'Book of Virtues' with a preadolescent funny bone.
Forgive and Remember
A year after the Clinton impeachment, can we get some perspective?
Setting Captives Free
It takes more than getting a woman inmate out of jail to turn her life around
Chasing Amy
God intervened in a NOW activist's unlikely conversion
Taming the Reformation
What the Lutheran-Catholic Justification Declaration really accomplished—and what it did not.
Out of the Ashes
In a land of volcanoes, persistent missionary efforts finally yield fruit.
Author Wendy Shalit Is Proud to Be Modest
Author Wendy Shalit rattles the female establishment with a hip appeal to tradition.
In the Word: On the Receiving End
What Jesus really meant about becoming like little children.
Paying for Free Speech
The controversy over mandatory student fees heads to the Supreme Court.
Take, Eat—But How Often?
Many churches observe the Eucharist a few times a year, but the early churches seemed to observe it weekly—possibly daily. What is most appropriate?—Wendell J. Biermann, Fayetteville, New York
Popular Culture: The Film Dogma Is Anti-Dogma
After the furor, Kevin Smith's film seems flawed but oddly touching
Things We Ought to Know
Charles Colson's apologetic—and call to action—is in the tradition of Francis Schaeffer.
New & Noteworthy: Christian Living
Recent and important releases that will shape evangelical thought
Beating the Odds
Christians in two states defeat gambling by exposing its harmful effects on the poor.