November (Web-only) 1999

Methodists Freeze NCC Funding
Methodists Freeze NCC Funding
Church says questions unanswered over organization's $4 million debt.
Are We Speaking the Same Language?
What Catholics really believe about justification—and why defining our terms makes all the difference.
Justified By Works
Yes, we are justified by works. But it's whose works that's important.
Lutheran-Catholic Declaration Better Way of Dialogue says Vatican
But senior ecumenism official plays down hope for extension of document itself.
Building Outreach and Friendship with the Homosexual Community
What Jerry Falwell really said at the Anti-Violence Forum.
Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to the Cassie controversy, gays in the Boy Scouts, and the Lutheran-Catholic Justification Declaration.
Say Amen Somebody
I rejected pep rally spirituality but missed so much more.
Cockroaches for Jesus
Corner: Cockroaches for Jesus America's most respected newspaper stoops to cartoon history at millennium's end
As Moscow Continues Attacks Churches Speak Out for Chechen Civilians
Ecumenical organizations plead to Russian Orthodox Church 'to do everything in your authority'
The Revelation Will Be Televised
Apocalypse!, tonight's episode of PBS's Frontline, gets better after its biblical criticism
Onward Christian Surfers!
The Church of England gives marching orders to Christians on the Web
Amassed Media: Video Games are bad...No wait they're good. No wait...
A look at important issuances from the Christian and mainstream presses
Eighteen James Bond Films Were Not Enough
How Christian film critics rated this week's top movies.
Two Kinds of Thanks
Three hours in a women's shelter taught me the difference.
Li Dexian's Detention Extended for 'Showing No Remorse'
Three-year jail term possibly lies ahead
Zimbabwe's Black Anglican Priests Claim Exclusion at White Ceremonies
Four priests resign, alleging widespread racism
Finding Faith in Cyberspace
How God used e-mail and a willing witness to lead a Wiccan to Christ.
Everything Old Is on TV
Antiques Roadshow asks, 'What do you want to know today?'
Chinese Pastor Released
Li Dexian free after 15-day detention
You Can't Possibly Understand What's Going On Here!
Schwarzenegger's End of Days rejects spiritual themes for guns and missiles.
Russia's Minority Churches Welcome Liberal Ruling on Religion Law
1997 ruling against 'sects' upheld, but religious groups claim victory
Schwarzenegger Beats Satan But Loses to Toys
How Christian film critics viewed the week's top movies.
Southern Baptists Counter Warning that Evangelism Effort Will Breed Hate Crimes
Chicago evangelistic outreach 'not targeting groups,' leaders assure
Nazareth Mosque Dispute Darkens Papal Visit to Israel
Vatican claims Israel is playing Christians and Muslims against each other
Murdered Missionary's Widow Will Continue His Work with India's Lepers
Impression of India 'not at all' changed by murder of husband and children
Hindu 'Untouchables' Threaten Mass Conversion in December
Two hundred families using Christianity as political pressure tactic.
Albania's Journey from Atheism to Model of Religious Growth
Orthodox Archbishop credited with growing and strengthening the church
Canadian Bishop Blocks Asian Church Leader from Visiting His Diocese
Anglican liberal revokes invitation of 'schismatic' Singapore Archbishop
Churches Rescue Thailand's Sex Tourism Workers
Protestants and Catholics work against $2.2 billion industry
Goodbye Dalai
China Pressures South Africa President To Refuse Meeting With Dalai Lama
Witnessing vs. Proselytizing
A rabbi's perspective on evangelism targeting Jews, and his alternative
Christmas and the Modern Jew
Christians often seem to lack both good missionary strategies toward Jews and sensitivity to their situation in life
Billy Graham: 'I Have Never Felt Called to Single Out the Jews'
The evangelist discusses targeted evangelism in one of his most quoted statements
Graham Feted By American Jewish Committee
In 1977, Graham walked a fine line between in his work 'to proclaim the Gospel to Jew and Gentile.'
Southern Baptist President Vows to Continue Chicago Evangelism Plans
Paige Patterson accuses Chicago religious leaders of creating 'the stuff from which hate crimes emerge'
Azerbaijan Courts Order Christian Expatriates Deported
Ousters Still Pending for Eight Foreigners in Baku.
Amassed Media: Amy Speaks but Doesn't Have Much to Say
A look at important issuances from the Christian and mainstream presses.
We All Want Unity
Black churches, racial reconciliation take center stage at St. Louis Graham crusade.
A Bone to Pick
What Christian film critics are saying about this week's movies.
Mary Mother of Darth Vader
NBC's Mary, Mother of Jesus tries to make Mary more noble, but only by making everyone else worse.
Pastor Faces Thursday Trial In Turkmenistan
Baptist minister accused of teaching children religion without parental consent.
Amassed Media: There Be Gold in Them Thar Fills Claims Charisma
A look at important issuances from the Christian and mainstream press.
An Open-Door Policy
Is meeting alone with a member of the opposite sex dangerous? Is taking steps against it sexist?
Texas Baptists Counter Official Southern Baptist Stance on Marriage
Baptist General Conference of Texas goes back to 1963 statement, rejecting 1998 vote.
Muslim Group Issues fatwa on Author of Gay Play about Christ
Defenders of the Messenger Jesus also castigates Christians for not protesting Corpus Christi
Partial-birth Abortion Ban May Go to Supreme Court
Differing appeals court rulings increases chances of forthcoming decision
Retailers Marketing Martyrdom to Teens
Littleton Massacre Now Merchandise Opportunity
Open-Door Policy, Part 2
The Bauer campaign's gender-in-the-workplace controversy speaks to our confusion about the role of Christians in society
Azerbaijani President Orders U-Turn on Expulsion of Foreign Christians
One cannot restrict freedom of conscience and creed, President Aliev promises
Cassie Said Yes, They Said No
The mainstream press unquestioningly accepted's flimsy debunking of the Columbine confession.
The Future of Missions?
A global gathering affirms new models while developing countries criticize North American approaches.
Iguassu Affirmation
The mainstream press unquestioningly accepted's flimsy debunking of the Columbine confession.
There's plenty that's new on our site, but even more to come.
Reformation Day Celebrations Ain't What They Used to Be
The Lutheran-Catholic Justification Declaration is a good step, but it's only a beginning.
Embryo 'Adoption' Matches Donors and Would-be Parents
'Snowflake' program is only of its kind in dealing with leftover fertilized eggs.
Some Enchanted Weekend
The first installment of our weekly review of Christian film critics
Amassed Media: Why
The New Republic likes Millennialism A look at important publications from the Christian and mainstream presses.
Filipino Christians Released By Saudi Authorities
Local Employees Ordered to Fire and Deport Imprisoned Worshipers
Why I Hate The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
Ron Maxwell, director of Gettysburg and an upcoming Joan of Arc film (tentatively titled The Virgin Warrior) lets loose on his competition.
1984 50 Years Later
Stop the spinning, I'm getting dizzy.
NCC Celebrates 50 Years of American Ecumenism
Eavesdropping: Open Door Policy Part 3
Gary Bauer's office problems signal a problem in our Christian understanding of both sex and work.
The Greatest Pokemon Match Ever: Pikachu vs. God at the Cineplex
What Christian film critics are saying about this week's top movies.
Smile God Loves You!
Kevin Smith's Dogma isn't just nonblasphemous, it is a presentation of Christianity to an unreached people group.
The Messenger: A Story of Joan of Arc
Luc Besson's new film isn't nearly as good as the true story, nor is his Joan truly a messenger.
Feed the Children Battles Controversy
Relief organization seeks credibility rehabilitation after newspaper investigation.
Amassed Media: Hooray for Holywood
A continuing look at important issuances from the Christian and mainstream press.
Turkmen Authorities Fine Release Baptist Pastor
After 12-Day Imprisonment, Tashov is Fined a Month's Salary.

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In Succor and Silence
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