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February 9 1998, 1998
Volume 42, Number 2
February 9
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Cover Story

How much truth can We take?
South Africa's Christian experiment for finding healing from its violent past.
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A Tough Choice
Let the Prisoners Work
Crime doesn't pay, but prison labor can benefit everyone.
Cry with a Beloved Country
Restoring human dignity to the victims of apartheid.
Between a Nightmare and a Dream
If reconcilication can happen in South Africa, it can happen elsewhere.
I’m Not OK, You’re Not OK
New Life Clinics' Steve Arterburn talks about why we are reluctant to be transparent about our problems.
The Alpha-Brits Are Coming
A British course for non-Christians aims to transform North American evangelistic outreach.
Does Evangelical Theology Have a Future?
Roger Olson argues that a division between traditionalists and reformists threatens to end our theological consensus.
A Pilgrim on the Way
For me, theology is like a rich feast, with many dishes to enjoy and delicacies to taste.
The Real Reformers are Traditionalists
If there is no immune system to resist heresy, there will soon be nothing but the teeming infestation of heresy.
A Theology to Die For
Theologians are not freelance scholars of religion, but trustees of the deposit of faith.
The 'Jackie Robinson' of Evangelism
When Howard Jones broke the race barrier on Billy Graham's platform, he faced rejection from both sides.
Seeker Sensitive on Russia's Frozen Frontier
Russian Baptists blend Orthodox culture with evangelical outreach.
Why We Love This Deadly Sin
Staying angry protects us from getting hurt again, but at what price?
Don't Blame the Publishers!
Publishers are not forcing shallow books on an unwilling community.
The Struggle for Lincoln's Soul
Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian? A look at the evidence.
Paid in Full
The sacrifice of Calvary was not a part payment; it was a complete and perfect payment.
Racism’s Faces of Faith
The use and abuse of Christianity in the civil-rights struggle.
The Word Became Art
Revival: Brownsville Revival Rolls Onward
But success brings intense scrutiny for Pensacola Pentecostal church.
Strict Antimissionary Bill Retooled
Strict Antimissionary Bill Retooled
Plans Under Way for Next Day of Prayer
Plans Under Way for Next Day of Prayer
New Leaders Emerging After Civil War
New Leaders Emerging After Civil War
Assemblies of God Church Attacked
Assemblies of God Church Attacked
NAE President Argue Takes New Post
NAE President Argue Takes New Post
Split Nearing for Texas Convention
Split Nearing for Texas Convention
Gender Revisions Completed on NIrV
Gender Revisions Completed on NIrV
Tin Drum Oklahoma Clash Marches On
Tin Drum Oklahoma Clash Marches On
Growing Criticism
Groups back away from Preparation for Parenting.
Jesus’ Unanswered Prayers
When Jesus prayed to the one who could save him from death, he did not get that salvation; he got instead the salvation of the world.