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September 20 1985, 1985
Volume 29, Number 13
September 20
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Why Public Schools Don’t Listen
... and what a top-level educator says Christians can do about it.
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But fast, meditate, and pray for yourself.
Heaven: Not Just an Eternal Day Off
Resurrected bodies are not intended just to flit from cloud to cloud.
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It may take more than a single court decision to counter abortion on demand.
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Cancellation of a Christian Speaker Leads to a Reconciliation Process
Eight evangelical leaders have been asked to mediate a dispute sparked by the banning of Tony Campolo from Youth Congress '85.
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Spiritual renewal crosses denominational lines in a largely Catholic Latin American country.
How to Start a Church in 50,000 Indonesian Villages
Seminary president Chris Marantika has the strategy, and he’s making steady progress.
Refiner’s Fire: Chagall—Tom by Grace?
A Jewish artist paints the cross.