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I once heard a sermon about becoming friends with God. The point of the sermon was to encourage everyone in attendance to spend some daily time with God, be that in prayer or reading the Bible or something else. And although I was in college at the time, I distinctly remember the preacher saying, "This does not apply to one group of people." Pregnant pause. He went on, "Mothers of young children."

And now I understand why. Not only is it difficult to find quiet time during the days to pray or read the Bible or do any number of other solitary activities I once took for granted, it is also difficult to keep writing my thoughts on this blog.

I still have lots of thoughts that I'd like to write. I just happen to have them while nursing William or taking a shower or dropping Penny off at school. I'd like to write about our new Prius, for instance, or taking a day of rest, or the nature of prophecy. But, in addition to time with William and Penny, my writing energy has recently been directed in two other directions. First, I've been promoting my book Penelope AyersPenelope Ayers. Second, I've been writing a proposal and sample chapters for a new book about our daughter Penny.

My original intention with this site was to post one thought/essay/reflection per week. By that measure, I'm behind by about 20 weeks! I will try to get up and running again soon. Meanwhile, do be in touch if you're interested in attending or hosting an event related to. And stay tuned for more reflections as time allows...

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