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Most Popular Articles of 2015

10 posts women leaders should read

Since becoming editor of Gifted for Leadership just a few months ago, I’ve been impressed by our readers. You’re thoughtful, articulate, and wise, and you love to hear from other women in church leadership. You lead out of your calling, and you’re always looking for ways to serve more effectively. It clearly shows in the articles you read most this year.

From making your church a more welcoming place to developing emerging leaders, you’re eager to learn the best ways to do ministry. You also have a heart for the marginalized, and you want to know how to support hurting people yet avoid compassion fatigue. But most of all, you want to come together with other women leaders and cheer each other on.

Whether you’re brand-new to Gifted for Leadership or an old friend, make sure you read the most popular posts from 2015. The variety of leaders represented in this list is beautiful, and we can learn a lot from their wisdom.

1. Teach Your Entire Church to Welcome Visitors

The five-minute rule and other tips

Dorothy Greco

2. Create Your Church’s Vision Statement

It starts with a dream

Michelle S. Lazurek

3. Troublesome Women Preachers

We join a long legacy of prophetic witness to the gospel.

Tiffany Thomas

4. The Cost of Caring

How to avoid compassion fatigue as you care for others

Jennifer Murphy

5. Alone in Marriage

How church leaders can support spiritually single women

Mary J. Yerkes

6. Pastoring Your Church Through a Leader’s Misconduct

Tips for a redemptive response

Dorothy Greco

7. When a Leader Doesn’t Know She’s a Leader

How to develop and encourage the emerging leaders around you

Mandy Smith

8. The State of Female Pastors

Despite less than groundbreaking numbers, there’s change in the air.

Ashley Emmert

9. Pastor or Director: Does Title Matter?

An honest look at what our titles communicate

Carolyn Taketa

10. Go Ahead and Grin—Church Is Hilarious

Ministry is a lot more fun if you laugh at just about everything.

JoHannah Reardon

Amy Jackson is managing editor of Gifted for Leadership.

December28, 2015 at 8:00 AM

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