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Who We Are

Christian women in church leadership sometimes feel alone. They need to hear from other women who face the same challenges and joys. They want something different from the women's ministry resources and events that discuss only issues unique to women. They want tools that visit topics relevant to leaders, approaching them from a woman's perspective.

WomenLeaders.com is a resource providing community, encouragement, and practical tools for women serving in the global church. We exist to equip, encourage, challenge, and unite women who exercise leadership gifts in church ministry. We also seek to build community among such women, who can challenge and support each other and grow together. We want to serve not only established leaders, but also the next generation of women who will engage their leadership gifts in the church.

WomenLeaders.com is a website featuring articles written by women in church leadership on topics specific to women in leadership, a free weekly e-newsletter, and a growing collection of diverse resources addressing ministry issues and personal development.

Our Philosophy

We believe that people who have the spiritual gift of leadership are called to lead, not for their own benefit, but for the sake of nurturing the body of Christ. Women with leadership gifts, as with all gifts, are obligated to use those gifts in the ways and the places God has called them to. We are committed to speaking with these values:

  • Biblical truth—We always look at leadership issues through a biblical lens.
  • Reality—We are realistic about the issues, struggles, challenges, opportunities, and joys women leaders face.
  • Honesty—We are committed to addressing reality with honesty and without apology.
  • Redemption—We express ourselves without bitterness. When speaking from personal pain, we point to hope and healing—even if our healing process is incomplete. This is not a forum for mere arguments or expressions of personal anguish.
  • Love—We care about women in leadership and want to make personal connections with them.
  • Equipping—We help women get better, and more confident, in what they do.
  • Encouragement—We want women to feel good about the gifts God has given them, and we help them see how they can use those gifts. We love and root for the church and its people.
  • Challenge—We challenge women to use their leadership gifts, pursue spiritual growth, and think deeply.
  • Unity—We help women rise above the arguments and judgments about where they should lead. Instead, we agree that we are all obligated to use our gifts in the ways God has called us to do so.

We'd love to have you join us!

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