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Expect the Unexpected
To give a snapshot of campus life, we asked students at Ohio Christian University, Circleville, Ohio, to share what most surprised them when they first moved onto campus.
Seats with Substance
Flexible seating options offer churches durability and versatility.
A Guide to Internal Controls
Basic principles for keeping church finances safe.
Volunteer Youth Leader Orientation Guide
Resources to help youth ministry leaders fit into their roles.
Board Member Checklist
Nine questions to help you understand your role and responsibilities.
Behind the Scenes with eleven72
A conversation with Storme Wood of eleven72
Top 10 Downloads from 2008
A look back at the past year's most popular picks
Simple Ways Technology Can Make You Safer
Understanding the benefits of new technologies.
Does More Space Mean Better Ministry?
A new survey shows how and why church are expanding, and to what effect.
Simple Steps for a Safety-Conscious Church Design
Keep your church safe from audits and penalties.
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