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Our Top 10 Resources for 2008
See the most popular resources on BCL from this past year.
What Is a Podule?
Learn about a new kind of resource on BCL.
BlogSpotting: Al Mohler on How to Read a Study Bible
Three principles for responsible use of study tools.
Fess Up to Messing Up and Win a Free Book!
Send us your most humbling, and amusing, outreach stories.
Introducing the Podule
Check out our newest kind of training tool.
What Isn't On Your Bookshelf?
A playful exercise in what books say about us.
A Church At Work with Refugees
See how important this kind of ministry can be.
How to Pray: Christmas in India
Remember our persecuted brothers and sisters this season.
BlogSpotting: Mark Batterson's Rules for Writing
What do preachers need to remember?
BlogSpotting: Kevin DeYoung on False Apologies
When we repent for others and not ourselves.
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