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Jesus, Bombs, & Ice Cream
Can we imagine a world with fewer bombs and more ice cream?
Shane Claiborne: A Devotion for Wall Street
Does Jesus have anything to say about the "Occupy Wall St." protests?
Shane Claiborne: Death Interrupted
What does the Gospel say to us amid the death penalty debate?
Give to Uncle Sam What is Uncle Sam's
Shane Claiborne calls for "revolutionary subordination" on tax day.
Exorcise Wall Street
Can spiritual bondage apply to social institutions as well as people?
Body Politic
Three leaders, three generations, debate whether political involvement is a duty or distraction for the church.
The Christian Industrial Complex (Part 1)
Are Christian bookstores challenging the values of our culture or just copying them?
The Christian Industrial Complex (Part 2)
Lack of imagination and not customers is what is killing Christian bookstores.
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