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How to Pray When You're Pissed at God
Why are we so uncomfortable with hurting, angry prayers?
Summer Reading: The Top 10 Novels for Pastors
Don't miss these ministry-rich gems of fiction
“Insider Movements”— Outside Orthodoxy?
Can someone say "yes" to Jesus and "no" to the church?
"On Staff at a Church"
.gifs for the gifted.
Think Out Loud: "The Evangelicals You Don't Know"
Religion writer Tom Krattenmaker challenges progressive notions of Christians. But is our identity shift really "new?"
Tell Us Your Scariest Ministry Stories
Tales of pastoral terror ...
Workin' it
Follow Leadership Journal's "Redeeming Work" Event Live!
Don't miss this key intersection of faith and vocation.
Enter Our Summer Giveaway!
Your chance to win our Summer Prize Pack, including Logos 5 and Leadership Journal
The Suspension of Disbelief
Walter Wangerin and the universal story.
Help Your Group Members Recognize the Holy Spirit at Work
Don’t shy away from talking about this important member of the Trinity.
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