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Perched on the Shoulders of Giants (Part 2)
Building on Legacy for the Sake of Mission
Remembering Eugene Peterson
10 ways he shaped my pastoral ministry.
Preaching the Psalms of Ascent
A soundtrack for the pilgrimage of faith.
Preaching on Habakkuk
An overview of the historical background and theology of Habakkuk to help you develop your sermon series and apply it to your hearers.
Metaphors for Ministry
Hitting 'The Road' with Cormac McCarthy.
Let the Message Live in You
May we be preachers who bring a word of life to others because it has become a word of life first in us.
The Disturbing Temptations of Pastoring in Obscurity
Leaving the limelight didn’t heal my pride; it only disguised it.
Time Touching Eternity
Preaching through the Christian Year.
Spiritually Formed Preachers
How to bring spiritual formation into your entire sermon process.
Preaching Like Jazz
Relaxing into the moment with the Holy Spirit’s movement of rhythm and grace.
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