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Lucky Break
Theme of the Week: Look for That Silver Lining
Doing Church at the Metro Stops
Not having a building doesn't stop this creative and growing congregation in D.C.
A podcast is no substitute for church— but it's a great supplement.
Eviction Notice
Theme of the Week: Look for That Silver Lining
The Reflexive Response of Grace
How Jesus reconditions our life even after we fail him.
A City Upon "The Hill"
Maintaining church unity is challenging when politics is involved, but one pastor in Washington, D.C. is learning what it takes to reach across the aisle.
Mark Batterson: Postmodern Wells
Jesus met with people at wells, and today's church needs to look for opportunities to encounter culture, too.
Neither Jew nor Greek … Republican nor Democrat
Mark Batterson on leading a church in our nation’s capital during a divisive election season.
Red Pill Preaching
Communicate the most important truths in the most unforgettable ways.
Ministry in the Middle
We asked two PKs who are now raising their own PKs to tell us how they navigate ministry and family life.
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