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The Holocaust Happening Right Under Our Noses
In some countries, hearing "It's a girl" is no cause for celebration—it's a death sentence. A new film captures global gendercide.
Collections Make a Comeback
Giving improved for many in 2011—here's why.
Is Your Bank Safe?
Two tips for protecting your church's investments.
Tattered Running Shoes Restore Lives
How running the Chicago Marathon leads to change in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya
My Favorite Leading Ladies
A letter from the editor
The Mommy War Raging Within Me
How can I help end the battle between women when I can't even reconcile it within myself?
Only God can break down our walls of hostility.
Who's In Your Circle of Friends
Cultivating relationships takes time, but it's always worth it.
Holy Sexuality
Straight or gay, God's standard applies to us all.
Sex, Love, and Longing
Dr. Juli Slattery on how our deepest desires can drive us to God
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