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Flying on Mended Wings
How reclaiming the tribal Jesus plants new life in Native youth … and the Western Church.
Conservation, conversion
Planted and Planting
How environmental care creates Christian community.
News worthy
Revangelizing the Church
Pastor Lance Ford thinks Christians need to listen to the Good News again.
Redefining the Kingdom?
Scot McKnight says we're using "Kingdom" wrong. Here's why that matters.
Rooted and linked
Planting the New Parish
Rediscovering the potential of truly community churches.
Fleshing it out
Christians, Engaged and Incarnate
A conversation on embodiment with Michael Frost
Mothering Beyond the Stereotypes
Actress Sarah Drew wants better conversations about culture and motherhood.
Mirrors dimly
Leaning Into Community
Anne Marie Miller on what keeps us from knowing and being known.
Farewell Franchise Ministry
Why is megachurch pastor John Mark Comer ditching conventional church-growth wisdom? Two words: mission and millennials.
Dancing in the Rain
Erwin McManus on how being "naked and unashamed" led to new faith, new life, and new believers.
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