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Finding Vocation in Downward Mobility
Henri Nouwen recalls his move from the elite to the vulnerable.
The Spiritual Leader's Vitality
An Invitation to the Spiritual Life
Through the disciplines of solitude and community, we can begin to remove the many obstacles that prevent us from listening to God's voice.
From Solitude to Community to Ministry
Jesus established the true sequence for spiritual work.
'All Ears'
Theme of the Week: Finding God's Frequency
Spiritual Formation
Remind people why time with God is essential.
Knowing God
Know God intimately and lead others to do the same.
The God Who Shares Your Pain (free sample)
The fact "God-with-us" is our best and deepest comfort.
Dueling with Diversions
Theme of the Week: 'Be Silent, and Know…'
Creating Community
Cultivate the skills that will help your congregation develop community.
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