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Corked Bats, Corked Souls
What's inside determines both the heavy-hitter and the lightweight.
Have We Room for Thoughtful Political Debate?
Observations on the new "gloom and doom" from Gordon's journals.
Leader's Insight: Redefining Heroes
Gordon MacDonald on the elderly, his recent trip to South Korea, and becoming a foot-washer.
Leader's Insight: One-Raspberry Holocaust
New gifts from the death camps, plus a new book on quitting church to follow Jesus.
Leader's Insight: 5 Crucial Questions on the State of Leadership
A self-test, plus journal entries on loons, Iraq, and G.K. Chesterton.
Are You a Good Friend?
In a dangerous mountain hike, I discovered what real friendship is.
Leader's Insight: Hearing Voices
How blue tooth technology has me connecting on a spiritual plane.
Leader's Insight: Earth: Love It or Leave It
Conflicting strategies for saving the planet (and its inhabitants).
Leader's Insight: Why Must We Always Criticize?
The tension between honesty, contentment, and encouragement.
Can I Get Peace And Quiet?
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