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Somebody Needs To Do Something
Every child deserves to know that he or she matters—to God for sure, and to at least one other person.
A Personal Approach
Many children's ministries answer that question with clear and relevant lessons, accompanied by creative Bible teaching.
The Best Lesson on Forgiveness
Children develop the ability to authentically apologize when they know how it feels to receive an apology.
Try Something New Already!
Why do we keep bonking our heads against the same old ideas? Maybe it's time to try something new—especially this summer.
You Know My Name!
Where children's ministers and volunteers must begin in their efforts to reach children.
Leadership Decision Making
Postponing our company picnic highlights three key principles for making smart decisions.
What Schools Can Learn From Churches
Trends in children's ministry apply to public education.
One Word that Changes A Lot
Help someone hear "yes."
A Fresh Take on a Familiar Story
Well-chosen stories have the power to challenge and to teach..
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