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If It's Not How-to, It's Not Preaching (pt. 1)
A forum on protecting and respecting this practical preaching style.
Is Seminary Old School?
4 pastors weigh the pros and cons of higher education.
If It's Not How-To, It's Not Preaching (pt. 3)
A forum on protecting and respecting this practical preaching style
C'mon Church, Take a Risk on Artists!
Ministry requires a brave heart and attitude.
5 Stages of Spiritual Awakening
People pass through remarkably similar experiences on their journeys to God.
Network Leaders & Hero Makers
Network leaders are distinct from other leaders in their motives, methods, and measurement of success.
5 Steps for Disciple Multiplication
A simple tool for apprenticing followers of Christ who can apprentice others.
Four Secrets of Great Team-Based Leadership
When the lead team is committed to the cause, has great community, and believes they will change the world—amazing things can happen.
90 Minutes with Rich
Leadership insights from one of the world’s wealthiest businessmen (who is also a committed Christian).
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