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Strengthened by PowerPoint
When It Rocks, and Why
Facebook Sermon Prep
A late adopter discovers a surprisingly useful tool.
Bill White: How I Prepare a Sermon
Helping you develop your signature method of preparing a message
Sinning in the Pulpit
How to repent and preach at the same time
When You Sin While Preaching
How to recover from your failures in the pulpit.
Keeping Current with the Culture
How to study the contemporary world without being shaped by it
Creating a Culture of Belief Through Personal Stories
A practical look at how one church uses the power of testimonies
Facebook Sermon Prep
Toolkit: Preaching
A Preacher's Perspective on the Book 'Souls in Transition'
Preacher's Perspective is an ongoing review of books of interest to preachers from the Christianity Today book-of-the-year awards.
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