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Making Ministry Healthy

It is possible for an unhealthy pastor to lead a growing church, but it takes a healthy pastor to lead a healthy church.
—Rick Warren

I have a problem with the idea of numerical church growth being the primary focus of pastors. In the early 1980s I used the term "church growth" because that was what everybody was familiar with. But I stopped using the phrase around 1986 because of the things I didn't like about the church growth movement.

For one thing, I don't like the incessant comparing of churches. The Bible says it's foolish to compare yourself to others. If you find somebody who's doing a better job than you, you get discouraged. If you find you're doing a better job than someone else, you could become proud. Either way, you're dead in the water.

A far better focal point than growth is health. Size is not the issue. You can be big and healthy, or big and flabby. You can be small and healthy, or small and wimpy. Big isn't better; small isn't better. Healthy is better. So I'm interested ...

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