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Pastors and Bankers: "Redeeming Work"

Reflections on calling after Chicago's Leadership Journal Live event.
Pastors and Bankers: "Redeeming Work"

One week ago, nearly 200 pastors and lay leaders gathered in a glass-blowing studio in Chicago's snowy West Loop neighborhood to talk about calling, faith, and work as the first in Leadership Journal's "Redeeming Work" event series. It was a day filled with provocative conversation, delicious local food (street tacos and Hoosier Mama pie), great coffee, and new friendships. (Catch a slideshow of the event here.)

Pastor and theo-techie Chris Ridgeway live blogged the event, and shares some sharp reflections on the faith/work conversation. - Paul

Last Thursday I took a day off work so I could talk about work.

Leadership Journal hosted their first "Live" event in Chicago's West Loop (check out the live blog history here). They called it Redeeming Work, and though the gathering was framed as small enough to be more interactive than a conference, every seat was full. Our venue was the event floor of an industrial glass factory where presenters stood aptly backdropped ...

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