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It's a post-website world, but you still need a website. A church website is still essential, but the primary ways your church will interact with people are through numerous streams of communication, including e-mail, texting, and social media. Some will find your church through its website, but more than likely, they'll find it through a friend on Facebook or Twitter who recommends the church, points to a video or story on the church's website, or some other form of word-of-mouth communication.

Mobile matters. More people are doing their computing on smartphones and tablets, and the inflection point is nearing for when mobile computing will surpass the traditional computing done from a desktop or laptop. This means your church's website must work on small screens. Run your website on a mobile device and see if you're satisfied with what it looks like.

Churches should be cautious before pursuing mobile apps, which often cost several thousand dollars to develop. The ...

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