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July 2013

Wednesday Link List: Surprising Missionaries, Vocational Grandma-Guilt, and More
You won't find better linkage than this, cowpoke.
“I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry, and I Love You”
Why are those words so hard for Christians to say?
Lessons from the Egyptian Church
One couple's adventures during Egypt's Second Revolution.
The Pioneer's Path
How do you lead without a role model?
Finding the Right Fit
Finding the Right Fit
How can the ministry hiring process better serve employers and job-seekers?
Friday Five Interview: Mary DeMuth
Mary DeMuth's painful story of childhood sexual abuse fuels her advocacy for victims.
Bigger Chunks of Bread
For being people of the Word, we sure don't read much of it.
The Most Interesting Theologians in the World
Stay doctrinal, my friends...
Wednesday Link List: Rick Warren, Canterbury Glossalia, and More
The best ministry links on the web, bar none.
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