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Cancer of the Attitude (Part One)

Treat this disease before it sickens your ministry.

This is the first of a two-part post by Michael Cheshire. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week.

If my wife tells you she likes to run 5K races, don't believe her.

Oh, she has run her fair share of them, although rarely with any training, and often after signing up the day before. However, it isn't the run she loves; it's what goes with it. It's the free T-shirts and worthy causes that get her into the race.

Her closet is a museum on hangers; a rainbow of colored t-shirts spanning nearly every disease known to humanity. The vast majority, though, are for battling cancer. Breast cancer. Colon cancer. Cancer research for children. You name it; odds are she has the T-shirt. And I get it. Cancer is a brutal invader in our lives. It has taken some of our closest friends and family members.

The importance of self-exams

I'm not a runner. But I still go to these 5ks and hang out at the finish line with the kids. I usually spend my time reading pamphlets on cancer as I try to score snacks from the race coordinators. ...

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