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Reaching the Whole Person

We create life plans for those we serve.

Our approach to outreach focuses on reaching the whole person. We try to create life plans for those we serve, which includes faith in Christ, and life habits for wholeness.

One example can be seen in the life of a young man named "Dart." When Dart was 12 years old, he began attending our youth programs, and in his teens he made a commitment to live for Christ. Today Dart is 25. Many of his peers from his rough neighborhood have been murdered or imprisoned, but Dart's path has been different. He is married, has a child, and is currently finishing his college degree. He plans to teach math in the urban high school he attended and to be a positive African-American male role model for kids in his community.

The need for a male role model brought Dart to our church in the first place, after his father had divorced his mother. However since Dart began attending our church, his mother and father have both come to Christ and now attend as well. His mother oversees our Thanksgiving and Christmas ...

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