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Transforming Neighbors

Opportunities arise as we live in the midst of our neighbors.

In addition to my responsibilities as a youth pastor, I lead "The Hub," a 10-month internship designed to disciple young leaders through urban ministry and outreach. We live together in a low-rent apartment complex, and work to build relationships with other residents. We also serve locally, including at a rescue mission, an interdenominational refugee outreach, and the High-way City Thrift Store, a ministry that supports ongoing community education and development.

We have two afterschool programs that serve underprivileged elementary students. We work with our interns to ensure our program is effective and gospel-centered. Before each session, we give our students a snack and tell them a Bible story. Our goal is to show kids who Jesus is and how he can transform our lives. We work to share the gospel, and to create a culture where our kids can live it out. One small example is our "Hug or Handshake Rule." We ask each student to express a form of gratitude to their tutors for helping with ...

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