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The Big Reveal

One church's challenge to engage the Bible led to spiritual florescence in the lives of its members.

Fox River Christian Church sits in a quiet, semi-rural community just west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It looks like countless other churches across America, a simple, practical building that is both a place of worship and a community crossroads.

Fox River recently took the Willow Creek Association's REVEAL survey. Of the metrics reflected in the church's results, senior pastor Guy Conn was struck by the low engagement his congregation had with the Bible. His commitment to deepen Fox River's engagement with Scripture has ushered in a new season of spiritual vitality.

When I saw our results from taking the REVEAL survey, I was disappointed, but not surprised. One of the numbers that immediately stood out was that 80-85 percent of our congregation wasn't reading the Bible at all, let alone with regularity or depth.

A pastor has a sixth sense when it comes to the congregation's spiritual habits. I suspected that Scripture engagement could be an area of weakness for us. Some of that was due to positive ...

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