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The Leadership Opportunity

Living out the Gospel where conflict and leadership intersect

The Facts: Created by Peacemaker Ministries, The Leadership Opportunity is just about everything a pastor needs to lead a training course on developing a culture of peace in the local church. The package includes a four-DVD set, study guides, a leader's guide, and a 40-day devotional on biblical leadership. The courses cover a range of topics, from general lessons on what it means to be a shepherd leader, to developing a unified staff, leading through change without conflict, becoming a peacemaker, and developing mutual accountability.

The Slant: It's an impressive product. President Ken Sande and the Peacemaker Ministries staff have been training churches in peacemaking for years, and their expertise and enthusiasm is clear from the depth of the training materials in this kit. The production of the videos is simple, but they are well done and engaging. There is more material in the product than the average church staff will likely have time to utilize fully. But the printed material offers ...

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